Zaback is the newest La Crosse Police K-9

La Crosse police now have a drug dog on all 3 shifts

For the first time, the La Crosse Police Department has a drug dog on all three shifts. 

Zaback, the newest K-9 member has finished all of his training in drugs, tracking and protection. 

Zaback and his handler La Crosse Police Officer Trenton Bowe will work second shift. There are already K-9 units on first and third. 

Officer Bowe says with all Zaback’s training, he is a valuable member of their department. 

“He allows for a lot more opportunities to get those drugs in vehicles or like I said, he’s a good tool where he can protect officers by, if we have to go search in a house he can be the first one in instead of us,” Officer Bowe said. 

The La Crosse Police Department’s K-9 Unit is mostly funded through donations.