Y’s Diabetes Prevention program proving successful


LA CROSSE, Wis. —  A new program at the YMCA is helping people at risk of developing diabetes.  The Y’s Diabetes Prevention Program helps people with pre-diabetic symptoms like high blood pressure and being overweight make lifestyle changes now to prevent developing diabetes in the future.

The course focuses on two primary goals:  decreasing body weight and increasing physical activity.

Program organizers say these two goals alone can decrease a participant’s risk of developing diabetes by 58%.  “In the class we are talking about strategies and providing participants with tools to be able to then go out on their own and make better decision,” says Mary Swanson.

Dolores Hutzler is one of the first participants.  She completed the initial 16 weeks, meeting once a week with a coach and other participants.  She’s now in the maintenance program, meeting once a month.   “I have tried diet after diet and nothing has ever worked with this diabetic program we learned new ways of eating healthy it helped me I’ve lost 20 pounds and another 5 pounds in maintenance,” says Hutzler.

To qualify for the program you do not need to be diagnosed as pre-diabetic, but you do need to have pre-diabetic symptoms.