Youth gardening program getting kids excited about working outdoors

Clearwater Farm teaches kids to plant, harvest vegetables

A new community garden is hoping to get kids interested in growing their own food.

Clearwater Farm in Onalaska is teaching area kids how to plant, care for and harvest a variety of vegetables. It’s the first year for the youth garden program.

The garden hosts eight groups for different organizations in the La Crosse area, with each of those groups looking after two garden plots.

Garden teacher Elizabeth Geissner says it’s a good way to make sure kids stay active during their summer vacation.

“We find a lot of our children are really spending more time inside than they are outside, and there becomes a little bit of a comfort level for them in the air conditioning, with technology, so this program is designed to get them outside, to stay outside rain or shine,” said Geissner.

Each group comes to Clearwater farm once a week for two hours of activities.

They harvest vegetables, they also learn how to create nutritious snacks using the items they grew.

More than 100 kids have taken part so far this summer.

The youth garden is open through August 13th.