You online purchases may become more expensive in the near future

Online purchases could cost you a little more in the near future.

In a 5 to 4 vote, the Supreme Court of the United States Thursday ruled states can force online businesses to collect sales taxes. It’s a change from the SCOTUS’s 1992 decision when justices determined retailers must have a physical location inside a state for sales taxes to be collected.

Advocates for local businesses say while this will cause some online purchases to be more expensive, it will also put local retailers on a level playing field.

“This new ruling will make it much easier for not only the small retail stores, but for our big-box stores that are here in our area, providing jobs for our community members,” said Downtown Mainstreet La Crosse Executive Director Robin Moses.

In the dissenting opinion, one of the Chief Justices warned collecting sales taxes could harm a vibrant e-commerce marketplace and said it was a matter best left to Congress.