YMCA makes skiing easier for everyone

Adapted Ski Day offers skis for people of all abilities

People of all abilities got the chance to go skiing at Mount La Crosse Saturday.

The YMCA’s Adapted Ski Day gave everyone the chance to hit the slopes. The North American Squirrel Association, or NASA, partnered with the Y to provide outdoor opportunities for athletes with disabilities.

Participants got to use seated bi-skis, mono-skis, and stand-up skis. And as some will tell you, this was a day that almost anyone could enjoy.

“Everyone likes to move and everyone likes to move fast. Ask almost anybody here and they’ll tell you about their need for speed, so it is fun to i guess push people out of their comfort zones and have a good time,” said YMCA Inclusion Specialist.

There are still 2 more ski days scheduled with the YMCA. The next day is next weekend already, February 7th, and one final day near the end of next month.

All equipment is provided by NASA.