YMCA employees receive Lifesaver Award for saving a man’s life

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) —Every minute is about a 10% less chance that somebody’s going to walk out of a hospital and live a normal life thereafter. Tim Musch had four minutes. In those few minutes, three employees at the YMCA all worked together to save his life.

“We got in there and we yelled at him, ‘hey are you ok?’ Just like they teach us in CPR certification class,” said Laura Collins, one of the employees.

After collapsing in a racquet ball court, Musch was unresponsive.

“I was at Tim’s side, and so I began to do chest impressions on him,” said Angie Sonnenfeld, one of the YMCA employees.

The ladies took all the necessary steps, while on the phone with 911 operators. Then, an ambulance arrived and took Tim to the hospital.

“Not my normal game of racket ball that day,” said Musch.

Tim recovered, and was released from the hospital. And is grateful for those who saved his life.

“It certainly could’ve went in a bunch of different directions, and I’m just thankful for all the folks that were involved, including the girls here at the YMCA,” said Musch.

The ladies were presented the life saver award from the La Crosse Fire Department. The ceremony was the first time they saw Tim since that life saving day.

“I saw him walk in and I was like ‘oh my gosh, I have been thinking about him and praying for him,” said Madisyn Irwin, an employee at YMCA that responded to Musch.

The La Crosse Fire Department says it’s important to get certified in CPR, so you know what steps to take in an emergency situation.