Xcel urges customers to be careful if basements flood

If at risk, take precautions before flooding occurs

As flood stages rise across the region, Xcel Engery is urging customers to be careful when dealing with flooding inside their homes.

If you believe your home is at risk of flooding, they want you to unplug all appliances in your basement, like your washer and dryer. If there is already flooding, don’t disconnect anything — not even if the floor is just damp.

If you think the water might rise high enough to cover basement electrical outlets, Xcel wants you to take some precautions before it’s too late.

“If you can identify what breakers you need to shut off, go ahead and do that if you anticipate that you’re going to have flooding in your basement,” said Xcel service manager Mike Herro. “If it’s to the point where you cannot get down and shut off the main breaker, if it’s that critical, then we ask [you] have someone call us.”

Once you turn off all breakers, remember to unplug your appliances and electronic equipment as well.

If there is flooding in your basement, it’s also important to have the natural gas supply to your home disconnected.

Customers are encouraged to contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 with any questions or concerns.