Xcel Energy proposes increase in rates

A proposal by Xcel energy is sparking debate among customers.

The company is asking the Public Service Commission to increase its fixed rate in Wisconsin. This would allow the company to increase its rates from 8 dollars to 18 dollars per month. However it would drop the average energy usage rate per hour by 5 percent.

Some say it’s not fair to customers who are trying to live more energy efficient lives.

“If you’re a household who doesn’t use a lot of power, you’ll see a huge increase in your bill. If you use a lot of power, you will actually save some money..So It’s really intended to discourage people from saving energy, and encourage them to use more, said energy expert Ben Paulos.

Xcel says the rate increase helps cover the cost of investments like new  transmission lines and wind farms.

You can voice your opinion at psc.wi.gov.