WKBT News 8 plays baseball with the Miracle League

Video shows highlights of baseball game

Staff from WKBT News 8 played with the La Crosse Area YMCA’s Miracle League on Wednesday night.

The Miracle League is a baseball program for kids and adults with disabilities in the La Crosse area.

News 8 reporter Brittany Schmidt was WKBT’s starting pitcher at the game at the Miracle Field at the Onalaska YMCA.

“Brittany may need a little practice, but that’s okay. It’s her first time out on the mound, so I’ll cut her a little slack,” Miracle League participant Andrea Clark said with a smile. She has been playing with the Miracle League for about five years.

“I hope to help people understand that we can also play baseball. It may not be the same way, but we can also play baseball just like anybody else,” Clark said.

The Miracle League baseball diamond at the Onalaska Y is rubberized and the field is ADA accessible. The one in La Crosse is a dirt field.

“It’s not only a great way for them to build their social skills, but get to know others in our community but also let our community know what we have to offer here at the Y,” said Abby Carlon, inclusion specialist at the La Crosse Area YMCA. “Most groups that come out don’t really know that this field exists. They come out and are like, ‘This is so cool!'”

If you want to volunteer or schedule a time for your group to play the Miracle League participants, contact Abby Carlon at (608) 519-5516.

“It’s just great to see how much fun both the community members and our players have,” Carlon said.

WKBT News 8 plays baseball with the Miracle League