With warmer weather, students take to outdoor learning

Learning takes place in many different ways.

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) – Learning takes place in many different ways.

“I would say it’s a deer track, just covered up in snow!”

This fifth grade lesson, is being taught in the snow, and in the forest.

“We try to tie things in each time that we come out here. We came out in the fall and we talked about deer, so we talk about that again in the winter, we’ll talk about it again in the spring,” said West Salem fifth grade teacher Kamry Kjos.

Getting kids out of the classroom, and learning hands-on, has been a successful practice for the West Salem School District.

“Some of these things that we’re teaching at school, it’s nice to come out here and have an outdoor classroom to talk about them,” said Kjos.

“A squirrel’s skull is weirdly shaped. And it’s small,” said student Arlo Phelps. “It’s like about the size of, a little bit bigger than an acorn.”

This fifth grade group hiked, threw axes, learned about animals and built a fire.

“Sometimes we have kids who don’t get to go out into the wilderness quite as often,” said Kjos.

Some activities, like throwing axes, go a little better than others.

“Snowshoeing’s not the best. It’s fun but there’s snow that gets in my boots,” said Phelps.

But even with the snow, they’re learning.

The snowshoes the students used are made by a local company, Red Feather Snowshoes.

The company heard about the out door learning opportunity, and brought cookies and hot chocolate for the students to enjoy at lunch.