With family in lockdown in Italy, Winona State forward Lo Biondo shares perspective on coronavirus pandemic

As more coronavirus cases are confirmed in our area, the death toll in Italy has now climbed to 3,405, which has now overtaken the total number of deaths in China.
It’s a serious situation for Winona State junior Andrea Lo Biondo, who plays basketball for the Warriors, but his family is in the middle of it all back in Italy. Lo Biondo agreed to a Skype interview with me to discuss the global pandemic.

“Talking to my parents was usually just how are you and how are things going,” Lo Biondo said.

Andrea’s family resides in Legnano, Italy, one of the hot zones for coronavirus. His family has been part of the nationwide lockdown for several weeks. Italian streets are almost empty, except for law enforcement.

“Police are stopping you for some reason, and you have to show either that you’re going to work or you’re moving for some health-related problems,” Lo Biondo said.

Andrea hasn’t seen his family in person since his mom visited back in January.

“I do value the time that I get talking to them, because that’s really all I got,” Lo Biondo said.

He calls them every day now, and while everyone in his family is healthy, he knows that’s not the case for thousands in these hot zones.

He says he wishes people especially around his age would’ve been more scared by the outbreak at first.

“The biggest thing that my parents and family have been telling me is to apply these measures as soon as possible, just to shorten the time of this pandemic.”

Lo Biondo says he hopes he’ll be allowed to travel home to see his family in May.