With blood banks in short supply, Healthcare heroes donate

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – There is a critical need for blood donations.

With so many closures and cancellations, supply is getting low.

So healthcare workers are stepping up to help.

Mayo Clinic Health System hosted a blood drive for employees, and it was a major success.

Mayo’s goal was to get 24 donors, but by the end of the day Thursday, they estimate there will be more than 80!

One RN says she’s doing it for the patients.

“I am one of the healthcare workers still working. I don’t work on the frontline, so I’m not able to give to the patients, so I thought, if there’s a way I can give, I’d like to come and give blood,” said Heidi Strainis, RN, Mayo Clinic Health System.

Mayo ramped up its safety protocols.

Donors had their temperature taken, asked about travel history, along with other precautions.

If you would like to be a blood donor call 877-BE-A-HERO.

To host a blood drive, call Emalea Cogdill at 715-299-1168 or email ecogdill@versiti.org.