Wiseman excited to coach G-E-T Football

After decades under the tenure of legendary coach Jon Steffenhagen, G-E-T Football is going to start their season with a new coach looking to honor his legacy, but update a few things along the way.

Jeff Wiseman is expected to assume the reigns of the G-E-T football program.

Jeff was the defensive coordinator for G-E-T during the shortened spring season, as well as a head coach in several schools throughout the state.

He knows that the RedHawks are known for their smash mouth and hard-hitting football and looks to honor the team’s past while focusing on what the program has been all about.

“It’s always been a successful program, lots of wins, we care about doing the right things and that’s going to continue. I learned a lot from Jon Steffenhagen in my brief time here and I want to continue those core values,” said the new coach. “Hard work, fundamentally sound football team, we want to be a smash mouth team we want to be one of the most physical teams in the Coulee, and I want to be that year in and year out. Keep that mentality going and keep that winning culture that Steffenhagen established over the last 26 years.”

He’ll be the official coach come a board approval August 2nd.