WisCorps takes to La Crosse Mathy Quarry to help reintroduce native plants

Mayor's Crew removed brush from prairie

Prairie conservation is the job of the day for a crew of teens and young adults working for a local nonprofit.

WisCorps’ Mayor’s Crew took to the Mathy Quarry Tuesday morning to clear brush out of the pollinator prairie. Afterwards, a seeder will make its way through the prairie to plant native seeds.

La Crosse’s forest management says reintroducing native plants is an important step in keeping local wildlife thriving.

“When you consider large tracks of land that are being converted from native plants to non-native plants its truly a lack of food source for all of our insects, and when you don’t have as many insects you don’t have as many birds, small mammals, everything beyond,” said La Crosse Parks & Recreation Department Forest management Coordinator Sunshine Love.

Once planted, crews will mow the prairie two to four times a year for three years as maintenance.