WisCorps ‘Inclusive Crew’ wraps up summer projects

A special group of workers is wrapping up a summer’s worth of projects to help the community.

Earlier this week, we told you about WisCorps’ Inclusive Crew, a group of six people of all abilities who are working together on a set of community improvement projects.

Thursday, they finished their last project: moving and installing boulders for erosion control at Chad Erickson Memorial Park in La Crosse.

The park includes adaptive trails to make the park more accessible to people of all abilities, which WisCorps says works well with what they’re trying to do with the Inclusive Crew.

“As an Inclusive Crew, one of our missions is to make the community more accessible to everyone of all abilities, whether that’s enjoying a trial at Perrot State Park or getting back to gardening,” said program coordinator Andrea Frisch.

The Inclusive Crew was made possible thanks to a grant from the Franke Foundation. They say they hope to expand the number of projects they do next year.