Wisconsin’s court system about to get more backed up

LA CROSSE, Wis.- Wisconsin’s court system is about to get even more backed up.

Starting Monday, state prosecutors will be at 80% status, meaning they’ll have to take one day off a week until June 30th as a cost savings measure.

There are eight prosecutors in La Crosse County.

The district attorney says they’re trying to find a way to stager the prosecutor’s days off so it doesn’t impact the court system as much, but he says that will be difficult to do.  “I’m not understanding why this helps Wisconsin people in any way. Reducing prosecutors’ time only adds to the backlog, to the court cases, to the frustration people have. I don’t think this helps anyone on any level,” says La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke.

Gruenke says by losing time that could mean delaying more cases and possibly reducing charges in some instances.