Wisconsin teen uses GoFundMe to raise money for new prosthetic

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DARBOY, Wis. (WBAY) – Freshman year of high school can be tough on anyone, starting your high school career when you’re a little bit different can be even harder. A Kimberly teen is hoping a prosthetic will not only make the transition easier, but also help him on the football field.

Fourteen year old Logan Rabas was born with a congenital defect, part of his left hand was missing.

“We always used to say he didn’t miss what he didn’t have,” says Vicki Tanner-Rabas.

An active kid, Rabas never let his defect deter him from participating in all kinds of sports.

According to Logan Rabas, “My main passion of sports is football, but over the years I’ve played baseball, basketball, soccer.”

Now, as the 14 year old, who stands at 6′4″ tall prepares for high school, he’s looking forward to playing football for the Kimberly Papermakers.

“Football has been the sport where coaches have accepted me, they don’t go easy on me, they’ve always went hard,” adds Logan Rabas.

Seeing his potential, it was those coaches who approached his parents about his left hand.

Vicki Tanner-Rabas says, “The coaches reached out to us to make us aware of the fact that they had seen him during his workouts for speed, strength and agility and identified that for symmetry reasons he needs something to be able to support and do the workouts.”

Over the years, Rabas’ dad has tried to create devices for him to use in the weight room, but nothing has worked out quite right. The family has recently turned to Minnesota company to create a versatile prosthetic, but it comes at a cost.

“It is approximately $40,000 for the prosthetic and pieces that are needed to assist him,” says Rabas’ mom.

With a question about whether insurance will cover the cost, the family has created a GoFundMe page, along with a benefit account at Community First Credit Union, hoping for support that would mean the world to this rising star.

Checks can be made payable to: “PROSTHETIC FOR LOGAN”


PO BOX 1487

APPLETON, WI 54912-1487

Logan Rabas adds, “It’s going to help me with grabbing stuff, equal out how I look, it’s going to help out with daily things, it’s going to help out in the workout room. It’s going to change my life. It’s going to change how things are shown out by me, and how people look at me.”