Wisconsin Senate passes state budget, sends to Walker

The Wisconsin Senate has passed the state budget 11 weeks after it was due, sending the $76 billion spending plan to Gov. Scott Walker for his signature.

The Senate voted 19-14 to pass the budget Friday after reaching a last-minute deal with reluctant Republicans.

All Republicans except Sen. David Craig, of the Town of Vernon, voted in favor while all Democrats were against.

Gov. Scott Walker plans to make a repeal of the prevailing wage for state construction projects take effect immediately, rather than a year from now, as part of the deal Republicans senators say they reached with him.

The senators on Friday say that was part of a series of vetoes Walker promised to make to the budget to win their support. Without the backing of at least one of the three holdout senators the budget would not have passed Friday.

The senators say Walker also plans to veto the budget to allow school districts to conduct referendum votes only on regularly scheduled primary and general election days. The budget would have also allowed votes in November of odd-numbered years.