Wisconsin organizations working to bring alumni back

Keeping Wisconsin’s college graduates in Wisconsin and bringing graduates back to our state is the focus of a new effort.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation launched a state-wide marketing campaign.

The $6.8 million campaign will target graduates of Wisconsin colleges, encouraging them to look for jobs in the state.

This is the first time the state has worked with Wisconsin colleges on a marketing effort focused on drawing workers to the state.

Ads on social media will feature graduates of Wisconsin colleges who landed their dream jobs in the state.

“The alumni have already had a Wisconsin experience and most of them may have moved away for that first job in their career or to live in a different part of the country for a while, but many may want to move back,” said Tricia Braun, Chief Operating Officer with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Western Technical College is one of the nine colleges in the state that has an alumni featured in the ad.

For universities in the state, encouraging workers now providers opportunities later.

“Right now we grow economically because our businesses grow. And their limitation to grow right now is only because of a shortage of employees. Every single one will tell you ‘if I could fill all the positions I have I would be able to thrive,” said Roger Stanford, President of Western Technical College.

The campaign will also focus on encouraging military service members, as well as recent graduates from around the Midwest to move to Wisconsin.