Wisconsin Lottery alerts local retail clerks about manhunt suspect

Search for Jakubowski ongoing

The Wisconsin Lottery is joining the hunt for a Wisconsin man who mailed a manifesto to President Trump.

Retail lottery terminals across the state will display alerts, along with a picture of 32-year-old Joseph Jakubowski of Janesville. The Rock County Sheriff’s Office says the alerts will urge clerks at gas stations and grocery stores to keep a look out for Jakubowski.

Local retailers say it’s a good idea to have more people looking for him.

“It’s pretty important for us to kind of get a feel for what’s going on. Obviously, they bring people in to grocery stores when they’re missing and all that kind of stuff. And it’s just really important for us to be aware that that picture is there, that we’re looking for that specific person,” said Festival Foods Front End Manager Nicholas Bhringer.

State and federal officials have been searching for Jakubowski since April 4, when he stole 18 firearms from a gun shop in Janesville and mailed a manifesto of plans to carry out multiple armed attacks on schools and public officials.