Wisconsin lawmakers share their top priorities

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Wisconsin lawmakers are sharing their priorities for the state.

UW-La Crosse hosted a state legislative forum on campus on Friday.

It’s to help the community understand what lawmakers hope to accomplish.

Topics include issues around water quality, higher education, and Gerrymandering.

Although there’s bipartisan support for many of these, there’s one thing the parties don’t agree on: Governor Evers decision to veto the Republican-proposed $250-million dollar tax cut.

“It really came as no surprise that was his directive and his priority. If we’re going to have meaningful tax relief to families it has to be more than $106 for the year,” said Sen. Jennifer Shilling, (D) 32nd District.

But Sen. Patrick Testin, (R) 24th District, felt differently.

“I’m disappointed, this is the second time we’ve sent him a middle-class income tax cut that he has vetoed. It’s really unfortunate because when you go back to then, candidate Tony Evers, this was one of the cornerstones that he campaigned on.”

Next week the Senate will continue committee work.

Shilling says they will be in session until the last week in March.