Wisconsin infrastructure gets a ‘C’ in new report card

Roads and transit receive a D plus

WISCONSIN (WKBT) – Wisconsin’s infrastructure gets a ‘C’ in a new report card.

The report released by the American Society of Civil Engineers covers 13 categories.

The state got a B for energy production and a B minus for Hazardous and Solid Wastes.

But the state’s roads and transit services got a D plus, the worst marks the county received in the report.

Roads in need of repair cost drivers in the state $6 billion a year.

That’s according to the report.

Quality roads could help the people in the state do more than just save money.

“Any which way we can move produce and other materials, cars and metals in and out of the state is key for economic success,” said report card committee co-chair Ken Mika.
According to the report, the funding shortfall for Wisconsin roads is estimated at 13 billion dollars over the next decade.

The full report is available at infrastructurereportcard.org.