Wisconsin healthcare system ranked best in the country

Local providers say collaboration helps

Wisconsin’s healthcare system is ranked as the best in the country.

The announcement comes from a study released by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Tuesday. AHRQ determines the best healthcare systems using 130 different aspects of health care performance.

Another federal agency, the Health Resources and Services Administration, also pointed to Wisconsin’s Critical Access Hospitals as the best in the nation in July.

Local healthcare providers say the consistently high marks for Wisconsin are thanks to collaborative efforts between hospitals.

“Everybody takes quality seriously and we’re transparent in our results, so we share it with everybody else, and when you do that, and with patients, you are motivated to improve,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Southwest Wisconsin Regional V.P. Tim Johnson.

Of the 130 health care aspects, Wisconsin’s strongest performance was in acute and chronic care, and patient safety. The study also pointed out room for improvement.

“It shows us a path on how we can get optimum health in our communities as well, and we’re proud of where we’ve been and we are going to continue to partner with folks to improve the health of our communities,” said Gundersen Health System Chief Executive Officer Scott Rathgaber.

Wisconsin has placed in the top ten states for healthcare every year since the study began in 2006, and missed the top three only two of those ten years.

All other top ten states are either in the Midwest or Northeast parts of the country.