Wisconsin Governor candidates shift messages during final days of election

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidates are tweaking their tunes to get voters out to the polls.

According to the Associated Press, republican Governor Scott Walker promised to protect health insurance for people with pre-existing conditions by enforcing the same language that’s in the federal health care law at the state level. It’s not clear if there’s enough support in the GOP-controlled Legislature to do that though. And any state law would not protect as many people as the federal law.

While in La Crosse Monday, Walker stated there would be legislation to protect coverage of those with pre-existing conditions.

“If anything ever changed in the courts or the Congress, it’s not now, right now everyone’s covered, but if it were ever to change in the next couple of years we’d do exactly what we did with the Health Care Stability Plan which got both parties together to pass a law,” said Walker.

Walker’s challenger, democrat Tony Evers, made a shift of his own with one day to go.

Evers says he would not raise property or income taxes. He has voiced support for reducing tax breaks for manufactures and farmers though, and has campaigned to raise taxes on gas and the wealthy.

“I was talking about all taxes, I have no plan to increase that. Transportation where going to bring people together to find a solution. The other taxes in the state of Wisconsin will not be raised,” said Evers.

In the most recent Marquette University Law School Poll Walker and Evers were tied among likely voters at 47 percent support.

Wisconsin voters can find their polling location and a mock ballot at the state’s My Vote website.

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