Wisconsin election officials confident that voters will be able to safely cast ballots

Attorney General Kaul says intimidation and threats of intimidation will be investigated

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) – Election officials in Wisconsin are making sure that everyone can cast their ballots safely.

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul tells News 8 Now that he is confident that all voters who go to the polls will be able to vote safely.

The state is taking steps to prepare and address any threats.

That includes providing guidance to law enforcement in the state about voter intimidation.

Kaul says officials will not tolerate intimidation .

“Voter intimidation is a crime. If anybody uses force or threatens to use force to prevent somebody from voting. Or if they put somebody in a state of duress to prevent them from voting, they should expect to be investigated and to spend time behind bars,” said Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul.

Anyone that sees voter intimidation should first contact the election inspector at the polling site.

After contacting the election inspector, Kaul says to contact local law enforcement.

Details about election security information in Wisconsin is available on the Wisconsin Elections Commisssion website.

Election day is November 3rd.