Wisconsin DOT teaches rail safety in La Crosse

Officials: Keep distraction away near tracks

Preventing train on vehicle accidents is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s focus this week.

A team from WisDOT stopped in La Crosse Wednesday to increases awareness for railway safety. The group led a class on how to be safe and attentive near train tracks, whether you are a pedestrian or in a vehicle.

Officials want to make sure people are paying attention near tracks since load-bearing trains can take more than a mile to come to a stop.

“A disaster is distractions. It’s major. Everybody’s on their phone, cellphone, GPS. We really want you to pay attention. When you start noticing that big yellow sign at first on the railroad crossings, ditch your distractions,” said Wisconsin Operation Life Saver State Coordinator Suzy Klinger.

Wisconsin had 36 railway crashes last year.