Wisconsin DOT holds “Ride Safe” Program for beginner motorcyclists

The course consists of street and classroom experience.

Along with reminding drivers to be aware while out on the road, it’s also important to have the proper training while driving a motorcycle.        

As of May 31, a total of 207 people have died in Wisconsin traffic crashes, including about 22 people on a motorcycle.

To reduce that number as we head into the busy season, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a ‘Ride Safe’ Program Saturday afternoon teaching new riders the proper and safe way to operate a motorcycle. 

The course consists of street and classroom experience and ranges in topics from practicing breaking maneuvers to mental attitude on the bike.


“At busy intersections, we as motorcyclists need to be aware that a car can pull out so we need to be covering our controls, we need to practice the basic skills needed to possibly avoid a collision should we get into that circumstance out on the highway,” said Sgt. Les Mlsna, a rider coach with the ride safe program.

Mlsna said these courses are great for beginners but also for experienced riders.        

If you haven’t been on your bike in a long time and are thinking about getting back out on the road, these courses are a good refresher to reinforce good habits and learn new techniques.

For more information about basic rider courses, visit www.ridesafewi.com