Wisconsin DNR considering how long to provide free bottled water to Town of Campbell families

TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WKBT)- Roughly 1,100 Town of Campbell families are now receiving water from Wisconsin DNR. But it’s not clear how long the free bottled water will last. 

In March, the DNR issued an interim area-wide drinking water advisory for Campbell after hundreds of private wells tested positive for PFAS. The man-made compounds were used to manufacture many products, including the firefighting foam sprayed at the La Crosse Regional Airport. Exposure to high amounts of PFAS is linked to infertility, thyroid disease and cancer. 

The DNR’s advisory doesn’t have an expiration date, but there is a limitation on how long the agency can provide bottled water.

“We have a commitment from six months from the day someone starts receiving bottled water, so that’s on a home-by-home basis depending on when they received the water,” says Christine Haag, who directs the DNR’s Bureau of Remediation and Redevelopment .

The DNR can extend its bottled water program. It is reviewing more than  500 wells’ test results with the state Department of Health Services. The two agencies could make a decision over the next month. 

Town of Campbell families can still sign up for free bottled water. Click HERE for a link to the sign-up.