Wisconsin conservation crews remove invasive fish from Mississippi River

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources teamed up with other conservation crews to remove invasive species from the Mississippi River.

Their goal is to remove Silver Carp from the area.

Crews used underwater speakers and nets to herd fish into areas where they could survey native fish and remove carp.

The invasive carp can have a negative impact on other species as they make their way up the river.

“As they move in pools and establish, you see a change in the fish species and in the population of the fish,” said Project Manager Rebecca Neely. “We’re trying to use this method to reduce the number of invasive carp in this area before they can actually establish in a location.”

The DNR used this same process earlier this year and removed 34 carp from one area on the river.

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