Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind talks about creating more jobs and rebuilding

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce hosted democrat Ron Kind and republican Mike Gallagher

With a closer look at the state of jobs in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce hosted two Wisconsin congressman on Wednesday.

First, 3rd district Congressman Ron Kind talked about the need to rebuild the state’s infrastructure and at the same time create more jobs.

Kind says, “First and foremost, infrastructure -long past due to rebuild Wisconsin, rebuild America the way it should be a long with the good paying jobs that would come from that.”

Kind also pointed out what he calls the great “digital divide” in the state and said making sure broadband is available everywhere is also a top priority for infrastructure.

Republican 8th District Congressman Mike Gallagher of Green Bay talked about getting people back to work, ” Whether it’s a matter of state policy or federal policy, we should stop paying people not to work. Which we do in a multitude of ways and it is incredibly counterproductive.”

Both Congressman said they were willing to work in bi-partisan ways, but at the same time Representative Gallagher is very critical about the Biden Administration’s first days of executive actions.