Wis. Sec. of State Candidate Loudenbeck wants office involved in elections

Loudenbeck supports abolishing, restructuring Wisconsin Elections Commission

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The republican candidate for Wisconsin’s Secretary of State officer believes the way the state oversees elections should fundamentally change.

Amy Loudenbeck is running against incumbent Democrat Doug La Follette, who’s served since 1983.

Loudenbeck, who is currently serving as an assemblywoman for Wisconsin’s 31st district, says on her website that the Wisconsin Elections Commission should be abolished.

When asked about getting rid of the WEC, Loudenbeck says she wants the Secretary of State’s office involved in Wisconsin Elections.

“I’m running to restore purpose and responsibility and respect to the office,” said Loudenbeck. “One of the suggestions I would have for the legislature that’s sworn in in January, if they’re looking at making changes to the election commission or getting rid of it, would be to include this constitutional office. I’d advocate for a new model that included this office as part of its new construct.”

Currently, Wisconsin’s Secretary of State office is not involved in election processes.

Loudenbeck also says, if elected, she will help clear the backlog of documents that need authentication, and advocate to update the office’s processes.

“Day one, I’ll open the door to the office and start serving the customers that are expecting their documents to be authenticated,” said Loudenbeck. “That is the primary responsibility of the Secretary of State right now.”

Loudenbeck says there’s a backlog of documents and technology isn’t being utilized to help speed up processes.