Wis. reviewing tax returns in response to TurboTax fraud concern

State on high alert for fraudulent tax returns

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is reviewing more than 60,000 tax returns filed over the weekend or earlier this week in response to concerns about fraud stemming from the use of TurboTax software.

Intuit, the company behind the popular electronic tax filing program,  temporarily paused transmission of state tax returns nationwide. They have since resumed accepting returns.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler said the state’s online e-file and computer systems have not been compromised.

But tax officials in other states reported that customers are getting a message someone has already filed a 2014 income tax return, but it was not the taxpayer.

Wisconsin has not seen widespread fraud in the filing of 2014 income tax returns, but the officials are on high alert. Chandler said the Department has been using an identity protection program since last year “to weed out any possible fake income tax returns in addition to our other fraud efforts.”

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue estimates the four-question quiz saved about $50 million in fraudulent or inappropriately filed claims.

“We’re collaborating with other states to help identify possible fraud and patterns, and we’ll continue to leverage our fraud efforts and identity protection program to help safeguard our tax filers,” Chandler said.  

For more information on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s ID verification program or how to report suspected tax fraud on the Department’s website.