Winona State University’s LESS Project expected to save $26 million over project’s lifespan, officials say

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) — Construction of Winona State University’s energy-efficiency project, expected to save $26 million, will be finished in the fall, officials say.

The Leading Energy Savings and Sustainability, or LESS, Project will make the campus the most energy-efficient university in the Minnesota State System, according to school officials.

It will help reduce the environmental impact of the campus by reducing carbon emissions and saving more than 9 million gallons of water a year, the officials said.

The reduction will save the campus $26 million over the project’s lifespan in electricity, natural gas, and water, they said.

New installations include solar panels on six rooftops and four carports in the Integrated Wellness Center parking lot.

“Carports and the project, in general, gives our students and the entire campus community something to be proud of,” said Nathan Engstrom, WSU’s sustainability and planning director. “They can say they’re part of this community doing great and wonderful things.”

The project will pay for itself within 18 years, he said.

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