Winona State students move into dorms

Thousands of Winona State freshmen are starting their college careers off with some heavy lifting.  Tuesday was move-in day at the university.

Students and staff were on hand to help out and answer any questions for the new students.

As far meeting new people, many of the freshmen talked with other classmates before actually stepping foot on campus.

It’s all thanks to a Facebook page for freshmen set up by the school.

“I looked in there, made a lot of friends, did a lot of friend requests things like that, started talking to people, chatting and getting to know everyone,” said incoming freshman Blake Rutt.

“I feel like they’re more familiar that way, like, I’ve kind of met them before. So that kind of helps, so they weren’t actually strangers,” said incoming freshman Kristen Fiske.

The first day of classes at Winona State is Monday, Aug. 24.