Winona schools asking residents to help pay for tech upgrades

Two referendum questions on November's ballot

Voters in Winona will be asked to set aside money to improve technology in their schools when they head to the polls.

The Winona Area School District has two questions for residents on this year’s ballot.

The first question asks voters to approve a 10-year extension of the district’s current operating levy, which is set to expire next year. Because the question is not asking for an increase to the levy, an extension would not mean an increase in property taxes.

The second question is contingent on the approval of the first question and would create a new technology levy of $1 million per year to help pay for new devices for students over the next decade.

“This is the future of education,” said Superintendent Stephen West. “This tool is the new textbook of its day, no more fixed textbooks. A device like this allows real-time curriculum to always be in place for our kids.”

If approved, the technology levy question would mean a small tax increase for Winona residents. Taxes would go up by an average of $24 per year on a $100,000 home.