Winona man charged for starting fire at Fountain City church

A Minnesota man is charged for setting fire to a church in Fountain City.

31-year-old Jessie Tyler Bromaghim of Winona, Minnesota is charged with criminal damage to personal property.

Bromaghim is accused of setting fire and vandalizing St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Wednesday morning.

Along with setting a fire in the basement of the church, Bromaghim also tipped over and broke a large statue in the church and threw items off the third floor balcony into the church pews.

The church sustained smoke and water damage on several levels. Firefighters found evidence of Bromaghim’s attempt to spread accelerant, but the liquids found were Murphy’s Oil Soap and bleach, both non-flammable.

Earlier that morning, Bromaghim had been arrested for allegedly trying to steal at least two cars from Fountain City Ford. He was intoxicated and in possession of alcohol when he was arrested.

Bromaghim admitted to vandalizing the church when questioned by police.

He faces fines up to $10,000 and three years in jail for the criminal damage charge.