Winona County hits 25.4 percent voter turnout in Super Tuesday primary

The DFL party had the strongest turnout with 5,729 ballots cast in the county

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT)– Since the last presidential election, Minnesota changed its voting system. Local officials were unsure how that could impact voter turnout, but far more people went to their polling location this time around.

Because of that change from a caucus to a primary, it’s tough to compare the last presidential election cycle to this one in Minnesota. However, data from the Minnesota Secretary of State show a 25.4% voter turnout in Winona County for this year’s primary.

In 2016, there were 2,076 people in the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party caucuses in Winona County. On Tuesday, 5,729 people voted for a DFL candidate.

For Republicans in 2016, 866 people took part in the Winona County caucuses. This year, 1,249 people cast a ballot during the primary, despite President Donald Trump running for re-election.

President Trump is facing a challenger this election cycle, but Minnesota voters had to write-in Bill Weld’s name. Across the state, only 3,077 people had voted for a Republican write-in compared to 122,466 votes for President Trump with 87.45% reporting.

With it being a primary election, voters did have to choose a party. However, that did not seem to dissuade most voters in Winona.

“We’ve had a few concerns, but most of the people have gone ahead and selected their political party and have voted. I am aware of maybe a handful who declined to vote,” said Monica Hennessy Mohan, the city clerk for Winona.

For the DFL party in Winona County, Joe Biden had the most votes with Bernie Sanders falling behind him by about 300 votes.