Winners announced for Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt

Tim Britain, Kim Hottenstein and their families find medallion on UW-La Crosse campus

The search for the Oktoberfest medallion is over.

The medallion was found Sunday morning near Wittich Hall on the UW-La Crosse campus.

The winners were announced Monday as Tim Britain and Kim Hottenstein and their families. They’ve been searching for the medallion as a group for the past 10 years, and while they’ve come close to finding the medallion every year, this is their first time being crowned the winners.

Britain says the last two clues were key in finding the medallion.

“I would have to say it was a combination of being at the mural on Clue 6, which really forced us to look at the people that were on it,” said Britain. “Seven actually is the one that clinched it, as far as that it was the one that was standing tall, and Mr. Wittich was the only one that was standing tall on the mural.”

Kim says they found the medallion under a small pine tree near Wittich Hall after about five minutes of searching.

Oktoberfest has a special place in their hearts, especially for Kim, who met her husband at Oktoberfest 10 years ago. They say finding the medallion makes this year’s fest extra special for them.

Their group also wins a $500 cash prize and a replica of the medallion as this year’s winners. You can find the full list of clues here.