Wild West enthusiasts take part in Mississippi Fandango

Competitors shoot per-1900 weaponry

Cowboys and cowgirls brought the Wild West back to Holmen.

Wisconsin’s Single Action Shooting Society held a shooting championship for Wild West enthusiasts on Sunday.

The Mississippi Fandango had competitors firing pre-1900 weaponry, including single action pistols and lever action rifles.

There were 120 shooters at the event all ranging from under 16 to over 75 years of age.

“It’s pretty neat, I mean we played with cap guns. Now we shoot real guns, live ammunition, at steel targets, it’s all under time, we have many penalties. Safety is our number one concern, as always as all shooting sports should be. But, it just gives you a great feeling to be somebody else for a day,” said Flyen Koyote, match director.

The championship will rotate between three clubs in Wisconsin which are in Holmen, Beloit and  Connorsville.