WIC program gives recipients funds for summer farmer markets

There are a lot of farmers markets this summer and one program is helping those on food assistance get fruits and veggies fresh from those markets.

People who use ‘WIC’ vouchers can sign up for the Wisconsin Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

Participants can receive a $30 check to buy fresh produce at participating farmers markets. An official with the health department said the program helps local businesses while exposing people to new foods.

“A lot of our participants are kids and they’re kids under five. So a lot of times, parents are experiencing those picky eating phases,” said Abbie Loos, a nutrition educator with the La Crosse County Health Department. “Getting them involved in the shopping process, getting them to the farmers market can really encourage them to try new foods and to try a market.”

Anyone interested in joining the farmers’ market program or learning about the WIC program can call the health department to sign up.