WIAA State Preview: Bangor “Runs” to State

Bangor set for Div. 7 state final against Pepin/Alma

Bangor’s stellar run game is what’s made 2015 the year of the Cardinal.

“To finally get over the hump is exciting for everybody in the community, our kids are excited, coaches were pumped up,” said Bangor football coach Rick Mullenberg.

The team will play in it’s first ever state title game on Thursday.  They face Pepin/Alma, who eliminated them from the playoffs last season.

“We thought last year, we had it all and we did we played an amazing season. Obviously we lost to Pepin Alma which we’re going at this year, it’s awesome to have the opportunity to come back at them,” said Bangor senior Kellen Kravik.

But there’s one major difference from that game, to this game. Senior quarterback Kellen Kravik returns under center after missing last year’s playoff run due to an injury.

“Obviously I didn’t play last year which was so tough, we had to put another quarterback in, another defensive back in but this year we’re different,” said Kravik.

Alongside him, lines up a more experienced Andrew Piske.  The Cardinal running back had 299 yards on 21 carries in last week’s state semifinal, just a portion of his nearly 2,300 yards on the season.

“He’s a workhorse, there’s no question about it. But the way we run our offense, we’re blocking with nine other people on every play so it was a team effort but Andrew is a special player there’s no question,” said Mullenberg.

Along with their returning players from last season, the Bangor Cardinals bring a new mentality to their rematch with Pepin/Alma this season.

“Our question for everyone this year has been who’s year. Our answer to that is our year,” said Bangor senior Jack Reader.

Bangor and Pepin/Alma kickoff at 10 a.m. Thursday at Camp Randall.