WIAA assistant directors comment on state of spring sports

The old rule of thumb is no school means no sports, and that continues to be true during the COVID-19 pandemic that has now reached all 50 states.

WIAA spring sports are thus in limbo until schools reopen. The WIAA says they have been meeting several times a day to create a plan for the future of spring sports.

“Our office personnel has been in direct communication with the DPI with the CDC in order to share up to date information with our members, which as everybody knows it almost seems to change on a daily and hourly basis,” assistant director Stephanie Hauser said. “Frequent communication going out from our office to our member schools and our coaches and our officials is really the best we can do right now.”

“We’re gonna do everything we can to uphold the spring sports,” fellow assistant director Kate Peterson Abiad said. “As they are delayed further and further, we’re just hopeful that even if we can get in a couple of weeks of the spring sports prior to the tournaments, then we’re going to do that.”

Both administrators added the WIAA has not thought about moving spring tournaments back, but will address that “when necessary.”