Why you should vote for your county board supervisor

All county board supervisors in the state are up for re-election in spring vote

Those going to vote in La Crosse County next week will see a larger ballot than expected. This year all 29 county board supervisor’s are up for re-election. But what exactly is a county board supervisor?

The county board plays a pretty important role in the county and voting on your representative in next week’s election could be more important than you think.

Talking to people in the La Crosse community, not many knew what a county board supervisor is.

“Basically we run the county government,” David Holtze, La Crosse County Board supervisor, District 12, said.

In La Crosse County there are 29 members on the county board.

“We’ve got certain duties issued by the state that the counties have to perform and that’s what we oversee,” Holtze said.

County board supervisors decide on things like taxes, public health and the jail system.

“There’s almost $31 million in property taxes that we levied in 2014. We spend $163 million. That’s a lot of money that we’re responsible for,” Holtze said.

“There is a wide array of decisions that county board supervisors have to make. Budget decisions, program decisions in all those programs that I talked about, highways and jails and public health and human services,” Tara Johnson, La Crosse County Board chair, District 29, said.

Which is why the board of supervisors feel its important voters understand their role in local government. Johnson argues that local government elections, like a county board supervisor, are more important than a state or presidential election.

“You’re responsible for the whole county and thinking about issues from that broader perspective not just one of the geographic parts of the county,” Johnson said.

In next week’s election there are nine districts candidates with an opponent. The other 20 are running unopposed.

The election is next Tuesday, April 1.