Whooping Cough cases double from last year in La Crosse County

43 confirmed cases throughout county already

Whooping Cough cases are already nearly double last year’s total in La Crosse County.

The health department says 43 cases have been confirmed here, all between the ages of five months and 26 years old.

The potentially deadly illness brings on a runny nose, a low fever, and a mild cough.

Fourteen of the confirmed cases were among elementary school students in a single district. The health department is not naming the district, emphasizing that it could happen anywhere.

“Parents just have a heads up that it’s out there, so if your child develops like a cold that has a cough with it, it might be a good idea just to touch base with your doctor about those symptoms, if you’re concerned, especially if there are babies in your household, or you’re in contact with babies,” said La Crosse County Health Department Public Health Nurse Christine Gillespie.

Gillespie recommends getting vaccinated and the necessary boosters for whooping cough. While it may not entirely prevent the illness cases are typically milder.