Whitehall School District releases 2020-21 back-to-school plan


WHITEHALL, Wis. (WKBT) – The Whitehall School District spells out its plans for reopening this fall.

Superintendent Mike Beighley said in a Facebook post that the plan will provide for full parental choice for face to face, synchronous (at the same time) remote or asynchronous (recorded for flexible use) remote instruction. Synchronous remote instruction may become the district’s preferred or formal operating status, but they will allow students that want to come to school to attend in person unless the district is ordered to not allow them to come.

“Many of us want things to return to pre-pandemic times, but the simple reality is that they will not. We will need to find new ways to best enjoy the many opportunities we have and adjust as necessary to move into a successful school year for all students,” Beighley said.

Remote instruction will be interactive with live video and audio into/from classrooms with staff present and leading. An asynchronous learning model will also be available but will require a plan based on parent and staff approval.

“Based on today, July 30th, 2020, our opening plan will provide for a choice of live remote learning with direct interaction with staff members as well as for students to attend school in as close to a normal fashion as the COVID-19 situation allows,” Beighley continued. “We will provide as much distancing as is practical and face coverings will be required when distancing is not applicable or allowable for students in physical attendance. Hand washing / sanitizing will be incorporated into daily routines to the extent possible and we will prioritize maintaining as clean of an overall environment as we are able.”

A full draft of the back to school plan is available on the school district’s website here.