White glow in photos could signal underlying eye issues

White glare in one eye could be sign of retinal cancer, other conditions

A picture from your smart phone could end up saving your child’s life.

Most people’s eyes shine red when a camera flash goes off, but a white glow in one eye could be a sign of a serious underlying condition. In children, the white shine could indicate retinoblastoma, a type of cancer in the retina.

Local optometrists say while that condition is extremely rare, it’s still a good idea to see a doctor if something doesn’t look right in a photo.

“It’s certainly good to have the pediatrician take a look, or have the optometrist, the family optometrist or the ophthalmologist take a look,” said Dr. John Sterling, the staff optometrist at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse. “There are optometrists and ophthalmologists that specialize in pediatric vision care.”

Optometrists recommend all children get their eyes checked before the age of five.