‘Wheel Tax’ a possibility to deal with La Crosse Co. transportation needs

La Crosse County’s Executive Committee discussed a referendum question Thursday night, targeting the area’s need for transportation funding.

The Committee will vote on whether to ask local voters if they would like the county to continue pursuing a Premier Resort Area Tax, which would be a-half percent tax on tourism-related goods and services, or an annual county-wide wheel tax that would not eliminate the need for short term borrowing.

La Crosse County voters approved a PRAT advisory referendum last year, but it never was taken up by the full state legislature for approval.

County leaders say they are trying to keep the question as concise as possible, but say it’s a complicated issue that needs to be answered soon.

“In terms of county issues, transportation funding is at crisis level for us, and it is important for us to ask voters what they want us to do about that crisis,” said La Crosse County Board of Supervisors Member Tara Johnson.

A yes vote from the Executive Committee would send the question to the County Board before being added to the fall ballot.