What you need to know for the Tuesday, Feb. 15 primary

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — As the Feb. 15 primary approaches, here are resources to help you plan your vote.

Polling places open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Visit My Vote Wisconsin here for your polling place.

Please note that some school districts overlap on different county lines.

La Crosse County

La Crosse School District election (Vote for 3):

  • Mary LaMothe
  • Juan F. Jimenez
  • Katie Berkedal
  • Dawn Comeau
  • Merideth Garcia
  • Jake Williams
  • Kimberly Krejchik
  • Kent Stein

District 7 County Supervisor election:

  • Sharon Hampson
  • Ellie McLoone
  • Gary W. Padesky

La Crosse County sample ballot information can be found here.

Vernon County

City of Hillsboro Ward 3 Alderperson election:

  • Jay Larson
  • Garth Hitselberger
  • Leanne Beyer

District 6 County Board Supervisor election

  • Joseph B. Kleiber
  • Michael D. Whitfield
  • John Pedretti

District 7 County Board Supervisor election:

  • Joseph Clark Eckland
  • Lavon Felton
  • Nathaniel Slack

District 9 County Supervisor election:

  • Martha Olson
  • Kevin Larson
  • AnnaJo Doerr

City of Viroqua Mayor Election:

  • Todd Overbo
  • Karen M. Mischel
  • Justin Running

Sample ballots for Vernon County can be found here.

Monroe County

School District of Westby school board election (Vote for 1):

  • Eric Thunstedt
  • Geniece Easterday
  • Kelly Nickelotti

School District of New Lisbon school board election (Vote for 3):

  • Eileen Bunker
  • Bryanna Moravek-Miller
  • Thomas Lowe
  • Heather Flietner
  • Mark W. Toelle
  • Kevin Weinshrott I
  • Jamie L. Bennett

School District of Sparta school board election (Vote for 4):

  • Amy Lopez
  • Pat McKenna
  • Edward Lukasek
  • Tanya L. Morene
  • Anthony Scholze
  • Todd S. Wells
  • Marla Leverich
  • John Hendricks
  • Jason Perry

Trempealeau County

District 5 County Supervisor election:

  • Paul A. Loesel
  • Beth Killian
  • Andy Todd

District 12 County Supervisor election:

  • Robert Ottie Baecker
  • Tim Zeglin
  • Kerry Franks

Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau school board election:

  • Patricia Malone
  • Tara Jergenson
  • Adam Leavitt

Information provided by Trempealeau County election clerk Paul Syverson.

Jackson County

School District of Black River Falls school board election (Vote for 2):

  • Ross B. Goldsmith
  • Ronald Wayne Cork
  • Brad Dobbs
  • Matthew T. Lind
  • Nick Helstad

Information provided by Jackson County Clerk Cindy Altman.

Eau Claire County

District 9 County Supervisor election:

  • Allen Myren
  • Tom Mastin
  • Donald Mowry

District 18 County Supervisor election:

  • Matthew Lehner
  • Rob Amelse
  • James A. Dunning

Eau Claire School Board member election (Vote for 3):

  • Melissa K. Winter
  • Stephanie Farrar
  • Nicole J. Everson
  • Tim Nordin
  • Corey M. Cronrath
  • Josh Ingersoll
  • Marquell Johnson

The Eau Claire County’s unofficial summary results report can be found here.

Crawford County

District 12 County Board Supervisor election:

  • Brian C. Reynolds
  • Owen Ducharme
  • Alan M. Morovitz

North Crawford School District:

  • Charissa Anne Richter
  • Kimberly Blaha
  • Melany Jelinek
  • Jerry Coleman
  • Mary C. Kuhn

If you have more data, or need to make a correction to this information, send us an email at news8@wkbt.com.