What lies ahead for the jury in the Erik Sackett homicide trial

A key aspect of a jury, is the importance of the foreman.

“Having somebody to facilitate the conversation is generally very helpful.”

Attorney David Pierce says the first thing a jury does is choose the foreman.

“Some people will come out and say ‘this person’s going to be it,’ and there’s really not much discussion in that. Other times people might say ‘I think I could be a good foreperson’ and there’s a vote,” Pierce said.

From there, it’s time to make a unanimous decision.

“The instruction to jurors is to go in to there with an open mind.”

Jurors will have access to all evidence presented in court. And some can be persuasive.

“They can bring other people to their side. Maybe one juror thought about it in a way that others didn’t.”

In his time as an attorney, Pierce knows a jury can be unpredictable.

You might get a dirty look from a juror, it’s happened before. Sometimes they don’t mean to do it, sometimes what they’re exhibiting is not what they’re feeling.”

So although people may have some best guesses to see how the jury will rule, nobody will actually know until the jury starts talking

“Juries have surprised me in the past.”

News 8 attempted to contact the 12 juries involved in the Todd Kendhammer trial, but none of them responded.

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