Western Technical College victim of phishing scandal

Western Technical College sent out a mass email to alumnus this week, as their name and social security number may have been involved in a phishing scam.

An investigation into October 2018 by the college had shown that the school was a potential victim of phishing.

Phishing is where an employee is tricked into sending information to someone they believe is a coworker, when it’s really a third party disguising their email as a coworker.

The potential at-risk alumnus range from the 1990s to the early 2000s . No current students, or former students outside of that window are at all at risk.

The email that the college sent out was only to those whose information is potentially at risk. Those who have not received an email are not at risk.

School President Roger Stanford believes the emails were precautionary in nature.

“We don’t believe that that data file was activated and accessed but I can’t say that one hundred percent so if that’s not a hundred percent statement I can make I’m absolutely going to report that, ” stated Stanford.

The college offers free credit monitoring for anyone who has received the email, as well as enrollment in a program containing steps that the at-risk alumnus can take to further protect their information.

“We have to do everything we can, so they know they have to spot those and report them, ” added Stanford.

Stanford added that the college is adding a new training program to ensure that employees can recognize when sending email to a coworker, and when to a phisher.

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